Aaron James Judge is a rookie outfielder for the New York Yankees. He has turned heads with his impressive power and size. Judge stands 6'7 and weighs 282 pounds! He has already been a 3-Time AL Rookie of the Month, Home Run Derby Champion, and All-Star!

Aaron Judge

Early Life Edit

Aaron was adopted the day after he was born by Wayne and Patty Judge in Linden, California. At Linden High School, Judge dominated 3 sports. In baseball, he lead his team to state championships. In football, he led the team in touchdowns (17). He also lead his basketball team in points per game (18.2). He was recruited by colleges for all sports, and even was drafted out of high school by the Oakland Athletics.

2016/17 Season Edit

Judge started in right field on Opening Day in 2016 against the Tampa Bay Rays. Quickly after that, he made his name by crushing multiple home runs. His performance earned him a spot in the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby. He destroyed all competition, including Miguel Sano in the final round. He then played in the All-Star Game the next day. As of August 29th, he is hitting .280, has hit 37 home runs, and 82 RBIs. Many say he will be the first Rookie of the Year and MVP at the same time in awhile.

Awards and Accolades Edit

- 3-Time AL Rookie of the Month

- 2016\17 Home Run Derby Champion

- 2016\17 AL All-Star

Career Stats Edit

- .264 AVG

-446 AB

- 41 HRs

- 92 RBIs

- 140 Hits

- 216 SOs

- 105 BBs

- 107 Runs